Lake Powell Resorts, Arizona

The resort was relying heavily on paper-based processes, including customer rental sign-ups. This was causing productivity challenges and miscommunication. MyTaskit Pro helped Lake Powell digitize their processes, thereby saving time and effort, and increasing revenue. Click to view case study >

Yankee Marina & Boatyard, Maine

To communicate with customers, the boatyard wants to continually send updates related to service times, estimates and reminders. They were using email and telephone but wanted to communicate to mobile phones. With MyTaskit Pro, they were able to send mobile updates and even include pictures and videos. They are seeing efficiency and customer interaction improvements. Click to view case study >

Horizon Power Catamarans, Florida
Horizon was challenged with tracking customer warranty information, and they had been relying on a manual spreadsheet. With MyTaskit Pro, they now organize all warranty information online and all in one place.  This is creating efficiencies and clarity of information. Click to view case study >
Mark Lenci, Rhode Island
An avid sailor, Mark spends months out of the year cruising his 53-foot sailboat and has challenges maintaining all the different pieces of equipment on his vessel. With MyTaskit, all of his repair and maintenance records are in one central place, which makes life much easier and also increases his boat’s resale value (he feels), because the complete maintenance history can be shared with a prospective buyer.



“We have utilized DockMaster for the past 15 years. As we sell, service and store boats we are constantly hauling, launching and juggling them around the property. We coordinate a lot of different tasks every day and we manage it all through DockMaster. We recently signed up for The Boat Village to coordinate service electronically with our customers which allows us to be in better communication at all times. Bringing these two solutions into a single focus of external and internal task coordination, under the new MyTaskit Pro brand, will only make our business better.”

Sherry Jackson, Owner of Glencove Marina

“Coordinating service online is the future, and MyTaskit is a front-runner in this.”

Paul Engle, President of Bradford Marine

“Throughout our history, Ferretti Group has been innovating and acquiring new capabilities. Our integration of MyTaskit into our processes continues that rich tradition. Our commitment to customers does not end with delivery, and the use of The Boat Village will help us provide extraordinary service even after a customer leaves our port.”

Dave Granstaff, Ferretti Group America CFO

“Putting the customer first goes beyond just sales—it has to extend to service. MyTaskit allows us to use technology to make that process easier for owners, and that’s always our goal.”

Darren Plymale, Vice President of Galati Yacht Sales

“Our work doesn’t end when a new boat hits the water. We continue to provide world-class support the kind of custom service that we offer during a build to both our custom boat owners and our service customers, and we are looking forward to MyTaskit helping us take that to the next level.”

Randy Ramsey, President and Founder of Jarrett Bay

“For decades, we have tried to marry fine craftsmanship with the latest in technological innovation, and we believe this is another very significant step in making the boating experience easier, more convenient and safer for our owners.”

James McManus, Hinckley CEO

“We were impressed with the maintenance reminder and service log functions in MyTaskit. But when we saw the ability for Regal owners to coordinate service electronically and share advice in real time, we knew this was something we wanted to offer our customers. This gives them everything they need in one easy-to-use system.”

Robert Denney, Sr. Manager, Dealer & Customer Relations, Regal Boats

“People use mobile technology to deal with their bank, their favorite stores, and to book restaurant reservations—all kinds of things. It only makes sense to use technology to manage their boat. MyTaskit is an all-in-one communication and collaboration tool that will help grow our marine business and make it more efficient. No more phone tag. No more full inboxes.”

Jim Dragseth, president of Whiticar Boat Works in Stuart, Florida