MyTaskit Pro for business

MyTaskit Pro is an automated tool that allows service professionals to interact with their customers online, create and manage tasks, coordinate service, process work orders, order parts, automate their accounting, generate bills, and more.

MyTaskit Pro brings service providers closer to their customers, increasing customer loyalty and boosting sales revenue. When your customers need service or support, they can simply “Taskit” to you.



Here’s what you get with MyTaskit Pro for business:

Create Online Business Profile

Be found by thousands of consumers. List your business expertise, location, and certifications. Share service recommendations and create unique customer communities. Follow and be followed by customers and other businesses.

Coordination Module

Coordinate service online with customers, and internally, using an innovative task sharing platform to receive and assign customer tasks, monitor and track status, update labor hours, and centrally communicate on tasks. You can also utilize enhanced customer profiles to access information on installed equipment, enable proactive maintenance reminders and reference historical work performed. Click here for more info! 

Operations Module

Manage all of the operational tasks in your business from processing work orders, ordering parts and renting slips to expediting your billing, over the counter and major unit sales. MyTaskit Pro Operational Module also includes Financial Management to track all of your profit centers, handle accounts payable and consolidate financial reporting. Click here for more info!

MyTaskit Pro for Business integrates our service coordination module (formerly The Boat Village Pro) with our operations module (formerly DockMaster®), the leading information management solution for boat yards, marinas and dealers.

Businesses that use the new service coordination module of MyTaskit Pro can view tasks assigned to them online by customers or created by service managers on behalf of customers and approved online.

Approved tasks and estimates automatically generate a Work Order estimate utilizing the operational features of MyTaskit Pro, vastly streamlining the efficiency of the Work Order creation process. Field techs and service managers post labor hours remotely for a customer task updating the necessary information for billing and labor tracking. Customers can also use MyTaskit online to keep current their contact and boat profile information improving the accuracy of that information for marine businesses. Sound revolutionary? It is!

A complete end-to-end solution.

Coordination Module

Service Coordination:

MyTaskit Pro helps you stay coordinated with your customers.

When customers have a service issue, they can simply “Taskit” to you online, or you “Taskit” to them for approval. Using MyTaskit Pro, you can post to customers or receive task requests with photos and video, communicate with owners and/or captains using an intuitive easy to use messaging capability in a task, provide cost estimates, secure approvals, offer status updates and generate reminders when service is due.

MyTaskit Pro is also a highly effective way to manage tasks internally. Use it to coordinate tasks between field technicians, managers and subcontractors. You can also use it to track the status and labor hours tied to those tasks. Technicians or service managers can view task history which can include description of work completed, parts used, labor hours, and any notes or communications with customer about a task.

Coordinate Service Online

No more phone tag, texts, full email inboxes or miscommunications. Photos and Videos support all Task communications. Tasks are shared online between customers and service managers, created by either the customers themselves or the service manager directly and the customer can approve online.

Service History Records

Service details are centrally documented; history records update automatically as you or your clients mark tasks complete.

Assign Tasks

Managers can assign tasks internally to service technicians or externally to subcontractors; techs can use MyTaskit to view service details, onboard equipment, manuals and service history.

Track Labor Hours

Techs can log labor hours, expenses and parts info and update status on tasks in progress using any mobile device. Customers can track status of tasks online reducing phone calls and follow up emails and text messages.

Recommend Tasks

Create task lists for simple or complex tasks for yourself and/or your customers including maintenance reminders with frequency. Easily share supportive photos and videos for tasks related to repair work, preventative maintenance needs, or proper operation of equipment.

Estimate Tasks

Receive and respond to estimate requests from customers online. Acceptance of estimates are stored digitally and documented for current and future reference. No more back-and-forth emails!

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet at anytime, anywhere.

Service Profile Management:

MyTaskit is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining service profiles for customers.

Create profiles for each of your customers with the make, model and serial number of equipment installed on the customer’s boat or other asset. You can include unlimited photos, videos or documents, such as schematics, invoices and registrations.

When creating a profile, you can choose your customer’s equipment from our industry database. Each product line offers manufacturer-recommended service schedules and operating manuals. Operating manuals are automatically attached after choosing the equipment, and service schedules are automatically generated. This triggers MyTaskit Pro to produce service reminders automatically, allowing you to proactively manage your customer’s boat. If your equipment is not in our database add it yourself and we’ll go to work to find the digital operating manuals and recommended manufacturer service schedules.

Profile Set-Up

Create and access a detailed inventory of each client’s major equipment.

Info at your fingertips

You’ll have access to each client’s equipment manuals, maintenance schedule, service history and any task requests in process.

Maintenance Alerts

Be reminded internally and remind customers when maintenance is upcoming or past due for customers so you can schedule maintenance proactively. Create custom service reminders for customers as well, based on equipment usage (hours) or calendar frequency (day, month, year).

MyTaskit Pro Coordination is available as an annual* subscription:

Supervisor – $79 per user, per month, paid annually in advance

Non-Supervisor – $59 per user, per month, paid annually in advance

All subscriptions require a minimum of one (1) Supervisor license.
*Note, a monthly subscription option is available for a higher monthly fee.

To request a demo or to get a quote on quantities of ten (10) or more, click here

Operations Module

Manage all of the operational tasks in your business from processing work orders, ordering parts and renting slips to expediting your billing, over the counter and major unit sales. MyTaskit Pro Operations Module also includes Financial Management to track all of your profit centers, handle accounts payable and consolidate financial reporting.

Work Order Processing

Work Order Processing, which is fully integrated with Accounts Receivable and General Ledger, can be used to manage all aspects of the service department. You can manage estimates and convert them into work orders with just a few steps. For recurring services, templates can be defined to eliminate repetitive entry of the same tasks. Multiple invoice and estimate formats are available for printing, as are PDFs for emailing. Tasks can be defined and updated as needed to streamline entry onto estimates and work orders. Several features are built in for management of techs and tasks, including time card and clock functions, Schedule Calendar, Monitor, Work In Progress reporting and many other reports.

Inventory Management

This module has all of the tools needed for inventory control. It offers built-in special order tracking for service and point of sale, as well as order entry capability for managing warehouse and e-commerce orders, including integration with your website. Purchase orders, suggested ordering capability and inventory receiving are included.

Point of Sale

POS, is completely integrated with Inventory management, AR, and GL. Features include over-the-counter sales and special order entry for walk-ins. POS includes deposit tracking, barcode scanning, credit card processing integration, including the ability to access stored credit cards. The system is touch capable, with customizable receipts and cash drawer management. Multiple registers can be defined and tracked separately or together.

Prices for the Operations Module (formerly DockMaster®) of MyTaskit Pro are based on number of users and start at $165/user/month for a single hosted user. Discounts apply for over 5 users and/or existing users installed on site who prefer to convert to our hosted service. Other fees apply which are quoted based on need and include training (onsite or online), data conversion, setup and configuration of hardware, credit card processing, point of sale, AR statements, reports, GL accounts, etc.

Financial Management   

General Ledger. All areas of your business that generate accounting entries are integrated to the GL, with audit trail capability. The GL offers subsidiary ledger management, financial statements generated on demand, budgeting capability, and drill down capability to source documents. Bank reconciliation, journals and reports are built in.

Accounts Receivable. AR invoices from other areas are posted automatically, eliminating a lag in balance updates. Statements can be emailed or printed on demand, AR-aging is tracked and finance charges can be added. The invoice inquiry has drill-down capability to the source document, including account payments receipted. ACH and Credit Card payments can be submitted individually or in batches, on demand, for account payments with built-in integration to WorldPay’s PCI-compliant payment processing.

Accounts Payable. Invoices can be paid on demand or processed through payables. Recurring invoices can be defined; vendor credits including warranty credits can be applied to invoices and linked to AR for receivables owed by the vendor. The system can print laser checks using standard or custom formats. Aging, discounts tracking, cash requirements, and vendor analysis are included.

Sales Management 

The Sales Management module has all of the features and capabilities needed for maintaining major unit inventory, purchase order and receiving tracking, lead management and floor plan tracking. Quotes can be printed and converted to contracts. Accessories, options, prep and rig work can all be maintained on the contract. Sales forms can be printed or generated to PDFs.

The system can also track sales commissions. Deposits can be added to contracts. Finance and insurance calculations are built in. Journals are created and posted to a subsidiary ledger.

Lead management allows prospects to be assigned to sales team members, monitoring follow-up activity, letters, and emails. Sales history, currently owned boats, quotes, contracts, and documents can all be attached. An activity monitor is included for managing sales team activity.

Marina Management

The Marina Management module, which is integrated with Accounts Receivable and General Ledger, includes boat storage and billing, reservations and launch management. This includes long-term storage contracting, billing, deferred revenue generation and tracking, multiple billing cycles and unlimited billing rate codes. Invoices and contracts can be generated to PDFs for emailing or printed on demand.

Reservations can be taken for rental slips, racks, or spaces, and daily charges can be generated. Deposits can be taken and tracked, and the system provides credit card storage for processing incidental charges. Reservation charges and invoices can be emailed or printed.

Launch Management includes a calendar for scheduling launch/haul actions, and a monitor for visual management of activity. Custom operation types can be added. “Do Not Launch” control and customer specific notices assist in managing boats that are being serviced or have other restrictions.

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Redefine customer engagement and service.

Change how you connect, communicate and collaborate.



Free Professional
Business Profile with your company information and links to all your social media ico-checkmark ico-checkmark
Connect with existing customers and other boat owners, marine businesses and industry experts ico-checkmark ico-checkmark
Access to over 30,000+ manufacturer maintenance recommendations ico-checkmark ico-checkmark
Post, follow, and create communities (private ones just for your customers or public for anyone to access) ico-checkmark ico-checkmark
Share tasks with clients to coordinate service online ico-x ico-checkmark
Share photos and videos with clients to support service tasks ico-x ico-checkmark
Record technician labor hours, parts and expenses from anywhere on a per task basis ico-x ico-checkmark
Update clients on work in progress in realtime ico-x ico-checkmark
Securely message clients on a per task basis ico-x ico-checkmark
Assign or reassign tasks to field technicians on the fly ico-x ico-checkmark
Create and access client’s boat profiles with detailed equipment inventory ico-x ico-checkmark
Access to client’s maintenance schedule (based on manufacturer recommendations) ico-x ico-checkmark
Automated reminders when maintenance is upcoming or past due ico-x ico-checkmark
Create custom maintenance plans based on scheduled tasks for clients ico-x ico-checkmark
Field access to client’s digitized equipment operating manuals ico-x ico-checkmark
Access client’s service history from anywhere ico-x ico-checkmark
Dedicated My Clients area with instant access to key information for all boats you manage ico-x ico-checkmark
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MyTaskit Pro Coordination is available as an annual* subscription:

Supervisor – $79 per user, per month

Non-Supervisor – $59 per user, per month

All subscriptions require a minimum of one (1) Supervisor license.
*Note, a monthly subscription option is available for a higher monthly fee.

To request a demo or to get a quote on quantities of ten (10) or more, click here


Build your page, build your brand.

Your business profile is your online storefront in MyTaskit, where you can engage customers, enhance relationships, build your brand and even grow your business. It’s free to set up and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

1. Describe your company

This helps thousands of MyTaskit consumers understand who you are, what you do and what services and skills you specialize in.

2. Share a logo or trademark

Add your logo or other image that people associate with your business.

3. Showcase a product or service

Create a company Gallery by adding images of your products or services.

4. Promote all of the places you are online

Include links to your website and all your social media accounts.

5. Share Tasks

Post recommended service tasks into an online library based on your expertise that are helpful content to build your brand, engage customers and prospects and increase your business.

6. Create communities

Collaborate with customers and prospects in an area specific to your product or service. Communities can be private, requiring authorization by you to gain access, or open to MyTaskit at large.

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Looking for new ways to interact and engage with customers? Want to reduce time spent playing phone tag, scrolling through emails, and searching for information that you need to properly schedule service or answer a customer inquiry? Want to avoid miscommunications with clients and improve service coordination?

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