West Palm Beach, August 23, 2017MyTaskit, developer of MyTaskit Pro, the leading service team coordination software platform, announces that its cornerstone application now integrates with Intuit QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. The company is incrementally releasing a series of enhanced features.

The first phase of the total solution is the ability to share MyTaskit Pro timesheet data into QuickBooks, without the need for third-party time tracking tools. The additional talk-to-text feature alleviates the need to manually enter technician notes—no more transcribing or cutting-and- pasting job details. The completely paperless process reduces administrative paper trails, and accounting data entry burdens placed on service managers and office staff.

Once transferred, billable hours logged by technicians and related parts used in a service project are available for immediate invoice generation. Because a bill can be created and sent as soon as the job is complete, it decreases the time it takes to get paid for work performed.

The integration provides for easy billing adaptability. If, for example, a job estimated at 3 hours took the technician 3.5 to complete, the service manager can easily edit the invoice to reflect the difference without affecting the payroll of the employee. Additionally, larger boatyards will appreciate the ability to define date ranges.

“My technicians love it because it avoids the back-and-forth to confirm work completed,” said Sara Gallaspy, Pull Marine Services office manager. “I love it because it avoids old fashioned paper tickets. Once techs download their task notes, I click two buttons to open my customer’s file to generate an invoice. It makes my life so much easier.”

Phase two will enable users to move customer data out of QuickBooks into MyTaskit Pro. Phase three will deliver complete two-way, real-time integration. The timeline for these are 2017Q3 and 2017Q4, respectively. Additional information is at www.mytaskit.com/qb.

Intuit QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online are the leading accounting software packages for small- and mid-sized companies. The company reports 2.2M online subscribers worldwide.

MyTaskit provides a comprehensive software platform for coordinating service tasks within companies and between multiple businesses and their customers. Its software allows service professionals to perform work more efficiently, gives companies a way to increase profitability and better measure customer satisfaction. It provides customers a better experience, with faster, more transparent service work for their high-value assets.

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