Jack Stutts, Sr. Product Specialist

Jack Stutts, Sr. Product Specialist

What is new in version 8.2 of the Operations Module?

MyTaskit Pro Coordination module integration for Service Tech time posting directly to a work order without the need to post time. Adding or removing op-codes in the Operations module also updates the Coordination module.

• Accounts Receivable statement logos can be defined by location code for multiple location AR.

• Applications integrated via the API can generate journal transactions in the subsidiary ledger.

• Important notices from MyTaskit Support now appear on the Home tab when there is an issue, concern, or general information that may impact use of the application.

• Improved processing times for Point of Sale and several areas in Service Management.

• Updated Point of Sale layouts have been added for printing and emailing.

Sunset notice, Operations Module.

The GL Accounts on the Miscellaneous Information tab of Inventory Maintenance is being removed as departmental accounting has replaced that functionality.

• The GL Accounts on the Technician Maintenance form is being removed as departmental accounting has replaced that functionality.

Customers continue to upgrade to MyTaskit Pro Operations module version 8.x

  1. With all of the new features that have been added to the Operations Module, customers continue to migrate to the new 8.x platform.  Currently over 168 customers representing almost 2,300 users are now taking advantage of the improved performance, functionality and efficiency of our 8.x version.
  2. Want to find out more, contact Jodi Newfield at Jodi.newfield@mytaskit.com or 561-472-8782.


On the Horizon:

In Operations, we have several items which are being developed to help improve the system and your use of it.  Some of these include:

  • Better transaction handling in Point of Sale for sales and end of day.
  • Rent Roll reporting for Marina Management.
  • Accounts Receivable statements can have installment detail included.
  • New Report Generator.
    • With the addition of new team members as mentioned above, the new report generator is a core change moving forward in order to allow easier report building and many more layout options (font, images, etc..) moving forward.
  • Reservation Monitor.
    • A new visual view to see upcoming reservations and reservations within a particular time period with drag-drop functionality to change their position in the calendar.


Six Reasons 21% of our Customers Have Switched to MyTaskit Pro Hosted Operations

  1. With MyTaskit Pro’s Hosted Operations Module solution, all of your MyTaskit operational data will be online and accessible from anywhere and at any time.  Think of the conveniences this affords your staff across the board. No more having to wait until they come to work to check on the status of something. Everything can be accessed via any workstation that has internet access – it’s simple and easy.
  2. Secure data – Your data is housed securely on the servers of our world-class data center provider, whom Google, eBay and Xerox also use.
  3. Maintenance-free – With all of your data in the secure hosted facility (aka “in the cloud”), you don’t need to maintain or troubleshoot a server anymore to host and store your data. It’s all online now. This should free you and your team up to focus on your core business, rather than fiddling with your technology.  Using MyTaskit Pro Hosted eliminates
    1. Costly server upgrades
    2. Windows upgrades and patches for the server
    3. Nightly backups
    4. Virus protection
  4. Free Gold Support – Also, don’t forget the free Gold Support when you move to the hosted solution. Gold Support will provide customers with a number of online group training classes and individual training and/or custom report creation per each contract year based upon the number of user licenses at no charge.
  5. Over 20% of all Operations Module users are now benefiting from the hosted environment with more converting every month
  6. Want to find out more, contact Jodi Newfield at Jodi.newfield@mytaskit.com or 561-472-8782.
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